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Curated by Miranda Leonard of The Restless Gallery, ‘In Arcadia’ grows from the concept of rural bliss created in two and three dimensions.  Through their work, the artists reveal imagined world and landscapes.

MELVYN EVANS’ expressive lino-cuts smack of safe havens and desirable retreats


Melvyn Evans - 'Fishing Boats on the Stade’ lino-cut

JITKA PALMER shows rare decorated porcelain pots and stone carvings in the gardens. New landscape paintings by EMMA TURPIN are suffused with a special atmosphere


EMMA TURPIN - Yellow Shelter - oil

NICOLA HENSHAW’s carved and painted furniture describes legends and fables


NICOLA HENSHAW - ‘Fox & Hare’ - carved painted oak chair

JENNIFER WEBBE's abstract oils are colourful and luminous


JENNIFER WEBBE ‘Small Square’ - oil

SARAH BROOKER’s framed feltwork images glow with piquant colour and MERI WELLS unusual claywork figures are full of fantastical imagery while domestic pots by YOLANDE BEERE are joyfully decorated with frolicking couples!

in arcadia

SARAH BROOKER - ‘Feathers’ - feltwork YOLANDE BEERE - Jug

Mosaic birds by EMILY BAINBRIDGE grace the stone walls;  BAILEY CURTIS’s felt lettering panels are suspended from trees; jewellery by RITA SERES and CAROLINE PARROTT fill the glass cabinets and outside in the courtyard and both sculpture gardens are HELEN NOCK’s unique inlaid Cornish slate tables and dramatic ‘standing stones’ reflecting the sun through their glass inlay.

The exhibition is open Tuesdays to Saturdays from 10.30am to 5pm.  More images and details can be seen on www.therestlessgallery.co.uk

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Yew Tree Gallery